5 Reasons a Dedicated Server is Right for your Business

The one thing that every business needs is a website. But before you can get to the website’s design or even choosing the domain name, you need to decide how the website will be hosted. Of all forms of web hosting, a cloud-based server or a dedicated server make sense for business websites. The reason is simple; these two provide the best features for business hosting, one of which is data security.

But they are very different. A dedicated server is a physical server that a hosting company will rent out to the business for exclusive use. A cloud-based hosting service is accessed remotely on a cloud service provides. Of the two, a dedicated server is the best choice for a few reasons. They include the following;

  1. Better Performance

A dedicated server is used exclusively for only one business. That means that if you choose a dedicated server, you will not have to share your resources with anyone else. Not sharing resources means that the server performs at the most efficient level, more efficient than any other hosting plan. It is for instance a better performing solution than cloud-based servers that are more optimized to provide more storage space than performance.

  1. More Cost Effective

At first blush, dedicated severs can appear more expensive than any other hosting plan. But when you consider that a dedicated server will offer better resources, better value and nearly no downtime, the initial cost of setup is well justified. When you choose a good dedicated sever provider, they handle everything including the set-up processes and will even fix any issues should something go wrong. In fact a dedicated server hosting service will give you all the benefits of an internal server without the cost of purchasing and maintaining the server.

  1. The Freedom to Buy Specific Server Hardware

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a dedicated server is that you get to choose your own specifications. You can therefore customize your hardware according to the particular requirements of your website. You can never receive fewer resources than you need and should your business grow in the near future, you can easily scale up the hardware to meet your needs.

  1. Easily Scalable

The freedom to choose the hardware you need is further bolstered by the flexibility of dedicated servers. They are easy to scale up as your business grows and unlike other forms of hosting, there is no limit to how much you can grow. With VPS, shared hosting and cloud-based services, your business is likely to outgrow the plan, with dedicated servers; the business and server grow together.

  1. Increased Data Security

Because the server is only used by one business, sensitive website and company data is not at risk of infiltration by third-parties as opposed to the security risk a cloud-based server carries. You can also easily schedule backups as you need them and be able to quickly restore the system should you have any problems.

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