Searching For and Fixing Broken Links on a Website

For a company involved in website auditing and maintenance like Hexometer it is very easy to understand whether a website contains broken links. In fact, they are generally advising website management and maintenance crews to keep a check on the same regularly so that the health of the website does not suffer. But 404 error […]

Mobile Application Development Outsourcing India – Taking Businesses Ahead

The time has changed and so do the technologies. Both the terms complete each other with the variation in the market trends. The fact is clear that customers have become smarter with the new mobile technologies and so have the businesses. Today, the trend says that Mobile applications are more successful in the marketing of […]


We as a whole know the significance of website streamlining. There are different online advertisers the individuals who are taking advantages of the idea of local SEO agency. As later on, this advertising technique will help organizations for different reasons. All the nearby foundations, beginning from the handymen, bookkeepers to the flower specialists all can […]

Advantages of Archiver FS Offers Total Support for Managing All File Storage

You can use any device as 2nd tier storage and archive old files to it with our immensely scalable solution file arching, ArchiverFS. It features total support for DFS, SDS, replication, de-duplication, firmness and unlike any other software for achievingas it lets you use any SAN, NAS, or another device for storage for archived files. […]