How To Get Targeted And Free Traffic By Doing SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is a fundamental strategy to bring to your website targeted and free traffic that brings those visitors really interested in the topics you deal with, which will consequently stay longer and will interact more on your site.

Have you ever heard of SEO Copywriting?

To get targeted traffic, you need good positioning on Google and other search engines, through the use of SEO Copywriting.

This technique, recommended by best SEO strategists, is to write texts, articles or pages optimized for certain keywords, so as to allow search engine spiders to identify them, in order to position your content effectively.

However, to get the most out of SEO Copywriting it is necessary to follow some simple techniques, which we list below.

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Get traffic through SEO Copywriting with these techniques:

1) Create Easy-to-read Pages For More Sharing

Keep a direct, simple and effective language with your visitors: if you use an unclear or too technical language, few will be able to understand your message and your potential readers will decrease accordingly.

On the contrary, creating clear and immediate content will ensure greater sharing on social networks and consequently greater interaction on the part of your users.

2) Use A Correct “dose” of keywords

The keywords should be used neither too little nor too frequently. Generally, the best SEO Copywriters recommend using them about twice every 100 words in each article.

Using them too much will certainly not lead you to have a higher ranking; on the contrary, this will result in your contents not very flowing, leading users to leave your resource soon.

3) Create Effective Content

The creation of effective and quality content is the fundamental basis for obtaining credibility, authority and interactions by users.

Google greatly bases the authority of your site based on the backlinks, ie how many times your site’s resources have been mentioned by other sites through a link. If an important site mentions your blog, your ranking will increase as a result. Only one quality backlink increases the value of your site against hundreds of backlinks coming from sites of little importance.


SEO copywriting takes a lot of specialized skills, for your website to compete effectively with others, you need the help of professionals that you can easily find in Edkentmedia, a good Toronto SEO company.

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