Searching For and Fixing Broken Links on a Website

For a company involved in website auditing and maintenance like Hexometer it is very easy to understand whether a website contains broken links. In fact, they are generally advising website management and maintenance crews to keep a check on the same regularly so that the health of the website does not suffer.

But 404 error pages are a common phenomenon in spite of the same and this is because most people are not aware of methods to fix them. There are actually two very useful methods which help deal with the problem of broken links. These methods pertain to the:

  • Use of built-in tools present in Google’s search console

This is a free service which is given by Google and any user can avail of the same. This service is equipped with several tools which helps perform a check on the indexing status of a concerned website. This, in turn, enables the user or the owner of the website to optimise it and give it greater visibility. Fixing broken links is one such tool present in Google’s search console. After ascertaining that a website has broken links with the help of a broken link checker, this tool needs to get added to the website where it needs to be used.

After the login process, the website which is to be monitored needs to be opened from the home page of the console. The user then needs to ask Google to crawl through the website and the results are displayed for the user to access it. The broken links that are present can be identified, selected and fixed from here so that the health of the website can be restored.

  • Manually searching for and fixing broken links

This is an exhaustive method which has its own advantages. Here in the broken links have to be manually accessed and fixed but in doing so the user can also revisit contents uploaded on the website and revalue it.

While there are certain advantages associated with the manual process, it is so exhaustive that people tend to lose interest in the same. Doing something manually also leaves room for errors and mistakes. Thus it is always better to use the Google search console and do the work accurately and within minutes.

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