Things You Should Know About Using Hashtag in Instagram Post

Hashtag is a metadata tag that is used on social media networks to make post on any specific topic easy to identify. By using the hashtag, the posts appear on all the searches that are based on the topic chosen. Many marketers use these hashtags to get Instagram followers by catching their attention with these.

Stepwise procedure to add a hashtag

The process of adding hashtag is very simple. It can be completed in just a few steps:

  1. Pick any video or picture and upload it on Instagram
  2. You can add a filter if desired
  3. Then, type the ‘#’ sign followed by the phrase or word and fill the caption field with it
  4. Sometimes, the hashtag can be added after posting the content too. In this case, comment is edited using this tag or a caption is added for completing the process.

How hashtag helps

The main purpose of hashtag is realized in expanding the reach of the post. When the people search for topic covered by the hashtag, the post with this tag appears on the top slots and gets the hits as desired. Thus, popularizing the content and eventually the brand for which it is created is one of the many advantages of using the hashtags. But, using it not too often is good.

How to register hashtag

There are certain sites like or Twugs, which can be used for registering your hashtag. But, this does not make you an owner of the tag. The other users would still be able to use it. Only thing registering does is giving you the credit for starting it. By using it quite often and at relevant platforms, you can make it a component of your brand identity.

Thus, hashtags are important. And, these are quite in vogue but for all the right reasons. So, start using one if you are lacking behind in the game.

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