Unusual Devices by Apple

Although Apple is the corporation that has the World name, not all of it’s` products have become famous. Some of them are just weird, and some were just created for very specific purposes. Nevertheless, let us take a look at them.

  1. Apple Timeband

Way before Apple`s smartwatch was invented, prototypes of them were made. Timeband is the first serial model. Although it was pretty “clever” and look like peepboy from Fallout, it never became successful because of bad battery and huge size.

  1. Dual Screen Monitor

It was 80s, when computer industry was growing and everyone was making crazy experiments. Some of them were successful, but surely not the computer that had to separate monitors.

  1. MacPhone

Another 80s child of Apple. The device was the first prototype of iPad and was something between the actual phone and a tablet. However, feeling that it was far ahead of its` time company never released it.

  1. OneScanner

Before becoming phone producing giant, Apple had been creating a lot of stuff. Although OneScanner wasn`t a complete failure, it had nothing special about it, so the manufacturing was stopped.

  1. Apple Printer

To pair the device from the previous post Apple had released a printer as well. It had the same fate, that the scanner did – was outdated, so manufacturing got cancelled pretty soon.

  1. Apple Power CD

Power CD was an attempt to combine the CD player and the equipment for playing discs on television. This invention was very successful in fact, but as the era of CD discs ended the sales dropped, so the project was closed forever.

  1. Apple Pippin

Pippin was released in 1996 and was a fully-functioning game console. However, Apple overestimated it`s own power. The company could not compete with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, so Pippin project did not last long.

  1. Apple Clothing Line

Well, company started getting popular in the 80s. Being on a hype wave, directors decided to manufacture clothes with Apple logo. Although the sales were OK, the idea was cancelled pretty soon.

  1. Gold EarPods

If you think Apple`s phones cost a lot, then you surely never heard of golden EarPods. They were sold from an auction for over 450000 dollars. All the collected money was used for charity.

  1. MacWrite

Before Microsoft created Word, lots of text-operating programs were used. Apple didn`t stand aside and released it`s own MacWrite. There was nothing significantly bad about that, but Word destroyed it, just like many other programs.

  1. Iphone prototypes

Ever wondered why iPhones start from the third model? The truth is that there were multiple attempts to create a worthy phone, until engineers came up with the idea. So, iPhone 1 and 2 existed, they just were not meant to be for sale.

  1. Apple Toy Truck

Toy trucks were a thing, but as they were not profitable, the line of products for kids was cancelled.

  1. Apple Accessories

Apple tried to make profit out of its` symbols being so popular. Therefore official Apple mugs, knifes, T-shirts and bags were sold for a while. The thing wasn`t that awful, but it failed anyways.

  1. 1997 Mac

1997 was the year that Apple celebrated 20th anniversary in. Therefore a luxurious Mac computer was created. It costed 7600 dollars and was delivered in a limousine. The series was limited, but the computer itself wasn`t that great.

  1. Apple Mac “Woz Edition”

Steve Wozniak really thought that he had some fans out there, so limited series of Macs was created. It was like regular Apple computers, but included Steve`s sign and a personal “Thank You” letter for every customer, who purchased it.

  1. iRig acoustic

iRig acoustic is one of the latest inventions by Apple. It is a small audio-recording system created and designed for acoustic guitar players. iRig consists of a micro mic, that can be placed inside the guitar`s body (which creates a great sound effect) and a specially designed application for mobile phone

Although iRig is not known known that widely, guitarists use it a lot. Recording sound with iRig acoustic is really easy. If you want to learn more about it, you surely should read this musiety.com article. Thank you for reading!

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